Isla Del Piratas - The Pirate Islands - Cartagena Colombia - WHAT NOT TO DO IN CARTAGENA

Published on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 Uploaded by: dharvey62

WHAT NOT TO DO IN CARTAGENA!!! When Stu and I signed up to go to Isla Del Pirata, or in English, the pirate Island, we had NO IDEA how aptly named this island was! The tour was described as ?a one hour boat ride to paradise, with turquoise waters and golden beaches?. We couldn?t resist! SO, we met our tour group on the boat dock in Cartagena and took a beautiful boat ride to Isla Del Pirata. When we arrived, we were a part of a huge collective sigh. What a beautiful place! BUT! That feeling quickly passed once we were off the boat. We were surrounded by freakishly persistent jewelry hawkers. When we?d get rid of one?along came another one. They were tag teaming us, and there was no where for us to go?we were on a damned island! These bullies quickly changed our mood from happy to down right irritated. But, then, it started to look up. There were men selling fresh lobster or crab, from the ocean to your plate in 5 minutes! So, I made a deal with one of the fishermen to pay $20 for two lobsters. Sounds good, right? Well?that went sour, too. Once the guy brought us our lobster, the price went up?WAY UP. He wanted $100! It took arguing and threats to get him to remember the price he gave. The lobster was delicious, but really not worth all that trouble. AND we weren?t allowed to enjoy our lobster, anyway?WHY? The constant interruption from the beach hawkers that came back in droves. How many times can you say ?No, gracias? before you want to punch someone? Unfortunately, we know the answer to that question. Finally, they got the hint and during our last hour there we were able to enjoy the beach, swim and quaff some beer before we took the boat ride back. Now, Stu and I have been to many many places and we?ve been in some strange situations and dealt with them with patience and understanding. But, what do we say about Isla Des Piratas? Hell no, don?t you go! It is not worth the aggravation. We have never been treated so poorly anywhere else in the world. Avoid this place at all costs!

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