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Published on Friday, November 29th, 2013 Uploaded by: rrichardson4v

Episode 45
This week we are bringing you the world's best tours--and these aren't your average "follow the umbrella" tours--these will take you to the remote ends of the earth, have you biking through vineyards, riding horses past glaciers, and seeing the African bush firsthand. Tours take away the headaches like transportation issues and they let you focus on immersing yourself wherever you are! Plus you have guides on call to answer your questions. Sounds pretty good to me...

1. Gomoco Moroccan Desert Tour, Marakech, Morocco by lnelson
2. Budget Expeditions Africa by Tucan_Spencer
3. Dream Riding Tours in Iceland by Icelandprofile
4. Bicycle Tour in France: DuVine Adventures by BicycleTouring
5. Victoria Cruises Experience, Beijing, China by justin
6. Beijing Target Shooting Tours by Kent_Luo
7. Fantasy Tours on St Vincent and the Grenadines by St_Vincent

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