Honduras: The Lenca Trail

Published on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 Uploaded by: lgonzalezhj

Those seeking a cultural experience off the beaten track should consider The Lenca Trail, a 76-mile route spanning from Santa Rosa de Copan to La Esperanza in the Western Highlands. In a series of charming towns, visitors will encounter the Lenca people - one of the largest indigenous groups in Honduras. A great gateway to the route is the town of Gracias, home to colonial churches, a Lenca museum, historical fort, and a Farmer's Market where the Lenca people sell their vegetables and pottery. Other offshoots of the route include San Manuel de Colohete and La Campa - where visitors can witness the Lenca people making their pottery using the same methods as their ancestors. http://www.colosuca.com (This video was filmed in August 2009, in conjunction with the Honduras Institute of Tourism.)

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