Best of Tripfilms: Pigging Out!

Published on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 Uploaded by: dkellyfg

Episode 33
So Thanksgiving just passed and we know how you feel. Stuffed. So that?s why we thought it appropriate to showcase our favorite videos of overindulgence at it?s best. We have fondue in Switzerland, hundreds of chocolates in Boston, even Man Vs Food in New Orleans. And that peking duck in Beijing looks almost as good as a turkey. Gobble up!

1. New Orleans, LO by GamerAce100
2. Safran Haus: A Historical Restaurant in Basel by burt
3. Feast at Iceland?s World Class Gourmet Food and Fun Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland by IcelandAir
4. Foodie Heaven, Singapore City, Singapore by Gabe
5. Anna's Taqueria, Boston, Massachusetts by T_K_Nation
6. Gava Says Eat Here, Mexico City, Mexico by dan
7. Where to Eat in Beijing, China by indeepfilms
8. Langham Hotel Chocolate Bar and Buffet, Boston, MA by jamay

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