Backpacking Vietnam Part 5: Oyster Juiced from Hue to Hoi An

Published on Monday, February 1st, 2010 Uploaded by: bhernandezfl

Backpacking Vietnam Part 5: Oyster Juiced from Hue to Hoi An Hue was a mixed bag for us, we loved our hotel and the staff there and looked forward to an amazing (free!) breakfast each morning for renting a huge $9 a night room. Vietnam has got the hotel and hospitality game on lock. Great service and value but in Hue, this is where it stopped. The night before our bus trip we went out to eat and since it was pissing rain we decided to stay close and went to a little restaurant in our alley that was packed with Vietnamese. That is our rule number 1, if it's packed with locals, that's our spot too! So we sit down and can tell that no one wants to be the one to talk to us since they don't speak english. This is totally fine as it's equally as awkward for us as our Vietnamese is shitty but together we can work it out. You have food and I want to eat, everyone wins and in that context there can really be no misunderstandings. We finally get menus, point to other tables' dishes since we can't read the menu, ask how much it is in Vietnamese (our price, since there are never any prices on the menus so they can charge whatever) we agree to it and have a great meal! Then we pay with a large bill (all we had) and wait for our change. We were waiting for a long time and then asked where our change was. The owner grabs his daughter from the back who speaks english to talk to us and we explain what we want and why we're still sitting there. She tells us that the 100,000 dong we gave her is exactly the price of the bill! I said no it's not and point to the piece of paper the guy who took our order wrote down BEFORE we ordered and she said that the rice we had (which we didn't order but ASSumed came with the meat dish) was exactly the remaining balance of the dong we gave them. Dammit Vietnam. This was a turning point as everything we did from here on out in Vietnam was to be spelled out perfectly before we handed over our money. Some would get pissed and initially I was, but I took it as a challenge and reveled in thinking 3 steps ahead of everyone trying to sell something. Vietnam was teaching us a lot and you know how I love a good brain teaser! FOLLOW THE BEARD! Instagram - Blog/Website - FaceBook - MUSIC None. This day was jam packed with people engaging with us, random bus stops, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! Shot on GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

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