Best of Tripfilms: Best Barbecue

Published on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 Uploaded by: mbrownfc

Episode 18
Summer's here and nothing says summer food like pounds of meat! So let's start firing up those grills! If you want to leave barbecue to the experts, check out some of the best BBQ joints in the USA, and find some international versions as well!
1. Blue Ribbon BBQ, Newton, MA by Epstizzle
2. Eating the Worst BBQ in Texas, San Antonio, TX by azul
3. Where to Eat in Austin: Rudy's by Inspired
4.L&L Hawaiian BBQ in Manhattan by TF_Tony
5. NYC Trip Tips: Hill Country Barbecue and Market, NYC by Kelley
6. Beefy King Orlando's Beefiest Landmark, Orlando, Florida by Bradley_Bulifant
7. Where to eat in Manila: Dinner by patrick_ferrer

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