Hawaii's Atlantic Submarine

Published on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 Uploaded by: dcarroll54

The excursion we took was amazing. A bus took us to Waikiki beach, were we got to look around the Hilton hotel which had a walk-around animal ground filled with turtles, penguins and flamingoes. Soon after we were introduced to the beach by a very bad singer who associated herself with the waikiki beach chaplancy, who proceeded to give a speech about Jesus to a very dullened crowd of lost japanese tourists, and we walked to the boat which would take us to the Atlantis Submarine - where we dived 100ft to the level of ship and plane wrecks on the seabed. A great little story we got told was of a cargo ship in the 70's, named the Teriyaki wreck. After an unexpected cooker explosion, the crew searched around for water to put the fire out with, all they could find were barrels of soy sauce - they tried pouring it on, but it made it worse and burnt even faster. The ship was also carrying lots of freshly caught fish, which also burnt. For miles inland you could smell a delicious feast, which was actually the boat burning and sinking. There were lots of really nice fish down there. Nothing as amazing as what you see in scuba diving videos, but we did get to see a Green Sea Turtle resting on the deck of a shipwreck. If you're traveling without a tourguide it is very easy to get lost in, because most of the streets have their original polynesian names, and their really isn't much help to get around the main city. George and I also found the public transport a bit too laid back. I wasn't sure if it was a nuisance because we were british.. and therefore pretty uptight about our public transport timetables, but there weren't any pre-designated times that the buses arrived, and this resulted in us very nearly missing the ship. So close we were to missing our ship, that the staff was taking apart the gangway as we arrived, after running half a mile from Aloha Tower.

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