Ecuador at its best (Our Tours) good upload

Published on Sunday, December 19th, 2010 Uploaded by: skennedyny

A small intro as of what we do, our staff and the incredible places in Ecuador we travel to. EC TRAVEL is a tour operator located in Quito. We hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon with us on this amazing country called Ecuador. A small introduction to this beatiful country of Ecuador. We offer prepacked and custom made tours to the best beaches like Puerto Lopez, Montanita, Canoa, Salinas an Esmeraldas. Or if you want to, why not try one of the incredible Lodges like Yachana, Kapawi or Napo Wildlife Center in the Amazon Jungle. If you like hiking or even mountain climbing why not try the Cotopaxi, or the giant Chimborazo or the active Reventador? We can take you also to the colonial and historic centers of Quito, Cuenca and Riobamba. If the sea is your passion, why not join us in our Scuba Diving trips to Machalilla, Isla de la Plata or Galapagos. All of our 7 different options of travelling to Galapagos, make us your choice no matter the budget! Tell us what you think of Ecuador or our videos on our forums! Filmed, Edited and Produced entirely by the EC TRAVEL crew. This video is meant only to portray Ecuador through our eyes. It is not a proffessional depitction of any kind. It has no commercial purpose and its not for sale. However, if you wish to use, link, edit or screen this video publicly, please email us at We will gladly share it with you. For more videos, tips, info, tours and almost anything you need about Ecuador go Music: Golden by Magnetic Album: Magnetic II License: Creative Commons Pictures: Check credits at the end. All under CC licence.

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