Soultravelers3 Chocolate Love in Koeln!

Published on Monday, May 11th, 2015 Uploaded by: pwebb9g

We had a fabulous time exploring this famous Chocolate Museum on the Rhine in Koeln/Colgne, Germany! Mmm you could smell the chocolate as soon as you got close to Schokoladenmuseum! They also give you lots of free samples and they have a huge fountain of chocolate and a glass elevator. We missed the Cadbury factory when in the UK, so promised Mozart we would go to this Lindt factory. It's actually a great home school field trip because it's a complete history through the world of chocolate production starting from the bean! Now this is a fun way to learn and we munched our way as we learned and enjoyed. There was even a fun digital test in the end to see if we were paying attention. We passed with flying colors! We had a great time in the nearby cathedral and visiting the whole city, but this was our favorite spot! Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be the first to get our latest videos! You can read more about our open ended world tour as a family, living large on just 25K a year at :

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