To Russia with love

Published on Sunday, November 27th, 2011 Uploaded by: rhamiltono1

This video portrays a 2005 invite by Cosmetic Doctor, Dr. Patrick Treacy to Moscow (Russian: Москва), the capital city of Russia. The city lies on the Moskva River and gets it name from the old Russian (гра́д Моско́в = city by the river). Moscow was also the historic capital of the former Soviet Union. The last years of the USSR were characterized by shortages of food, essential goods and budget deficits. In the fall of 1991, there was an unsuccessful military coup against Gorbachev. Although the coup intended to preserve the old Soviet Union, it instead led to its collapse. A new leader, Boris Yeltsin came to power in Russia and declared the end of Communist rule. The USSR was split into 15 independent republics and officially dissolved. Citizens endured hardships in Moscow as living standards declined and many went on protest in support of the old Communist Party. This situation largely remained well into the new century until Vladimir Putin's leadership led to some return of stability. This video reflects those complex changes. Dr. Patrick Treacy Ailesbury Clinic Dublin.

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