Backpacking Vietnam Part 1: Shocked and Scammed in Hanoi

Published on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 Uploaded by: kshawkj

Backpacking Vietnam Part 1: Shocked and Scammed in Hanoi Full. On. Culture Shock. Our journey through Vietnam started in the 1000 year old capital city of Hanoi, and it was an assault on all our senses and nowhere was this more apparent than in the Old Quarter. It was crazy to see a flower street, a fruit street an even a tombstone street! Before coming to Vietnam, we read up on some of the most common scams that can happen as well as how to avoid them but as you will see, it still caught us in the end. Straight jacked by the fruit mafia. The more we walked around, the more we realized this place is like a drug - from turtle abuse to chanting temples we met shady and wonderful people all within minutes of each other. Vietnam was like that for us, shock, amazing, horror, beauty... we're forever addicted. FOLLOW THE BEARD! Instagram - Blog/Website - FaceBook - MUSIC: 'Sneaky Snitch' by ­Kevin MacLeod Soundcloud - 'Slits' and 'Can't Stop Me' by ProletR Soundcloud - Intro Sequence from 'Paris By Night 110' YouTube - Fruit scam stock footage by stekmer -

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