The Beach of Le Havre

Published on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 Uploaded by: ggarciaaa

The beach of Le Havre is one of the reasons that Le Havre is perceived not only as a port, but also as a holiday resort. On a length of 1.5 km the beach is very busy, although it extends even further to the north. The beach is covered with fine sand and pebbles near the water . The westward orientation has the advantage that the wind blows normally toward land. Therefore, the danger of drifting away is relatively low for inexperienced sailors, Kite- and windsurfers. The same applies to swimmers who find their pleasure in the incoming waves. Along the beach are a training ground for skaters and a myriad of restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars, so it is easy for us to spend the evenings here. The second advantage of the westward orientation are the beautiful sunsets. If the beach is bathed in light red, the surrounding appears particularly charming. Even the seagulls seem to enjoy it. When the sun reaches the horizon, the first clouds appear which indicate a sudden change in the weather. At nightfall, the beach promenade is fully illuminated by lamps that look like candles. And indeed, the next morning it is overcast. In the pouring rain we left Le Havre and cross the Pont de Normandie, a cable-stayed road bridge, maybe the most beautiful bridge of France.

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