THESE TINY MOMENTS: Flow Motion Southeast Asia

Published on Saturday, December 17th, 2011 Uploaded by: ahartm8

A Flow Motion edit of our journey through South East Asia by Drone, Time Lapse & Hyper Lapse. The result of months of video and photos captured across 4 countries. Strung together with a poetic message. 'These Tiny Moments' are everywhere, these moments of reflection where one realizes that even the smallest things can produce the most powerful emotional reactions. On this Cinematic journey you will experience highlights from Chiang Rai North Thailand, Phuket & Sibu Island, Singapore, the Mergui Moken Islands and Yangon Myanmar. Shot in a Cinematic Flow Motion style, each scene flowing organically to the next, you are about to experience South East Asia at warp speed. Inspired by the works of 'Leonardo Dalessandri Watchtower of Turkey' & Dubai Flow Motion by Rob Whitworth, this is the first time we have embarked on such an advanced moving flowing Time Lapse video for our cinematic video diary :-) We hope you like it! Places shown in this video in order of appearance: CHIANG RAI THAILAND Wang Put Tan Tea Plantations Maesalong- 0:11 - 0:44 Doi Chang Sakura Trees- 0:45 - 0:47 Our Banana Farm Amphoe Mae Lao Chiang Rai- 0:48 - 1:10 Gold Clock Tower Chiang Rai- 1:11 - 1:18 Wat Huay Pla Kang Chiang Rai- 1:19 - 1:24 Banana Farm Amphoe Mae Lao Chiang Rai- 1:25 - 1:32 Golden Buddah Amphoe Mae Lao Chiang Rai- 1:33 - 1:44 Wat Rong Khun White Temple Chiang Rai- 1:45 - 2:04 King Meng Rai Monument Chiang Rai- 2:05 - 2:07 Local Farms Amphoe Mae Lao- 2:08 - 2:13 Banana Farm Mae Lao- 2:14 - 2:39 SINGAPORE Singapore Harbour- 2:40 - 2:58 Singapore Night Light Show- 2:59 - 3:10 Singapore Super Trees Grove Gardens By The Bay- 3:11 - 3:17 Marina Sands Hotel Singapore- 3:18 - 3:21 Singapore Harbour Walk- 3:22 - 3:46 Merlion Singapore- 3:47 - 3:50 Marina Bay Sands Ku De Ta Bar- 3:54 - 3:57 Singapore Harbour Walk- 3:57 - 3:59 PHUKET THAILAND Nai Yang Beach Phuket- 4:00 - 4:04 MALAYSIA Sibu Island Malaysia- 4:05 - 4:06 MYANMAR BURMA MERGUI ISLANDS Nyuang Wee 1 Mergui Archipelago- 4:07 - 4:12 Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon- 4:13 - 4:19 CHIANG RAI THAILAND Mae Lao Farms Chiang Rai- 4:20 - 4:23 Manarom Cafe Chiang Rai- 4:24 - 4:34 Banana Farm Mae Lao- 4:36 - 4:45 Manarom Cafe Chiang Rai- 4:46 - 4:59 Local Farms Chiang Rai- 5:00 - 5:22 Amphoe Mae Lao Farm Road- 5:23 - END Massive Thank You to my Wife Sacha for writing the poetry, narrating and acting in this episode and being so patient during the sleepless nights while I was editing. This journey wouldn't be possible without you :-)

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