Coffeebar in Gastown (24/604)

Published on Thursday, July 19th, 2012 Uploaded by: shenrygr Coffee Culture has become an identity of Vancouver like many of the cities of Europe. Lifestyle Host Angelina Rai sets out to find the answers about our love of the brew, as well as checking out The Coffee Bar in Gastown, which has set its own unique vibe to get your daily Java fix. 24/604 is a Vancouver Lifestyle show that will introduce you to the Adventurous Activities, Amazing Food, and Exciting Night Spots that make up the Gems of Our City. Like the Friend you call who is filled with great ideas, our hosts will be your best resource to discover these incredible places and adventures. By watching we will introduce you to places that will push your own personal boundaries, and open your eyes to the many new and different experiences to have in this beautiful city of ours. All of our Video Segments and Channel Listings can be found on our Webpage: We are your Vancouver Video Tour guide. For more Behind the Scenes photos and shoot information: LIKE us on Facebook: And FOLLOW US ON Twitter: @24604tv 24/604 is a Red Line Media Inc Production. Produced by Var Bhalla and Derek Wong. Hosts include Angelina Rai, Christina Meng, Levi Hildebrand, Momona Komagata, and Stephanie Florian.

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