Food fun in New England

Published on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 Uploaded by: hlong70

Food is a highlight of New England travel! The region's famous seafood ranges from succulent lobster - harvested all along the coast - to clams, the vital ingredient of New England's very own clam chowder or fried up crispy for a signature summer treat. There's nothing quite like hot pancakes with real locally-produced Vermont maple syrup, or the first apple cider of autumn. Head to Maine for its wild blueberries or see the cranberry harvest in Massachusetts. In the mountains of New Hampshire, stop for cold cider and enjoy the view. You'll find fresh organic produce from family farms featured at restaurants throughout the region and artisan cheeses and breads abound. To drink, what else but award-winning beers from a New England craft brewery or award-winning wines from New England's vineyards. Look out for� � Cranberries: Grown on and around Cape Cod; essential with turkey at Thanksgiving. Come to watch the harvest. � Maple syrup: In March, sap from maple trees is boiled down to make this delicious treat, plus candy and other treats. � Lobster: Abundant, super fresh and reasonably priced, New England lobster is best enjoyed �in the rough� at a �lobster shack� � an informal shore-side restaurant. � Oysters and clams: Eat them raw, fried, in soups, in chowders, and stuffed. Yum! Wild blueberries: The Maine season runs from early July through mid-September with dedicated festivals.

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