Saint Anne - Seychelles

Published on Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Uploaded by: lpowell3o

This exclusive 5 star luxury Villa resort, the sole resort on the island of Sainte Anne, is easily accessible from the main island, Mahe, with boat transfers taking around 15 minutes. Situated on its own private island about three miles (20 minutes by boat) from Mahe, Sainte Anne's is set in the middle of a marine park. With it's pristine, beach fringed shoreline and lush tropical vegetation Sainte Anne is a perfect hideaway and nature lovers paradise. The waters around the island teem with protected marine life (over 150 protected species) and the swimming, snorkelling and diving offer the perfect opportunity to make the most of the islands natural facilities. Motorised watersports are, of course, prohibited, to ensure preservation of the natural environment, but non motorised sports are readily available. The Sainte Anne Resort is our choice for Families, and those seeking 5 Star facilities but the privacy of a private villa.

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