Thailand Visa Run, Mae Sai - Burma

Published on Monday, April 8th, 2013 Uploaded by: mkiml0

8 Miles from Home Episode 6 Visa Run to Burma Episode 6 is about J&S' first Visa Run to Tachileik in Burma from Thailand. Visa Runs are an unavoidable requirement for most expats in Thailand & most people hate the experience. However this journey had a much deeper purpose for Jmayel, whose mother is Burmese and left the country over 40 years ago during a time of war and conflict. No-one from his family unit had stepped foot on Burmese soil since that time, Jmayel & Sacha change that fact and mark a new iconic moment in their lives. Episode 6, Visa Run to Burma will be the first glimpse into what J's family left behind.

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