SS Nomadic

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The last floating vessel from the White Star Line, which operated Titanic, was the Nomadic, built alongside Titanic in Belfast in 1911 at Harland & Wolff, designed to tender the Gilded Class out to the large liners too big to moor alongside the dock in Cherbourg, France. Nomadic was designed by Thomas Andrews, who also designed Titanic, and to insure a consistent quality experience for the higher-end clients, many of her interior fixtures and fittings were selfsame to Titanic, and were made and installed by the same craftsmen. It was, in short, a taxi for the rich. After Nomadic made its one tender to Titanic (carrying, among others, the industrialist Benjamin Guggenheim; America?s richest man, John Jacob Astor; and the Denver socialite who would become known as ?The Unsinkable Molly Brown?), she went on to serve in both World Wars, then returned to her original duties ferrying the well-heeled out to Cunard's Queen

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