We are not for sale - Palawan Ecotourism

Published on Tuesday, March 31st, 2015 Uploaded by: aramirezcp

The Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour is a community based sustainable ecotourism project. The 45 minute tour into the Sabang River and its centuries old mangroves allows visitor to observe and appreciate what old growth mangrove forest free of human entervention looks like. Visitors are also given a chance to contribute to conservation by planting mangrove saplings in designated planting area. This ecosystem, to me, had a surreal, otherworldly quality that felt mysterious and primeval. Deafeningly silent, it was teeming with life, maybe even death. The stillness made me feel as if I were drifting through some alien landscape where at any moment some giant tentacle would explode from the water and pull me down to a soupy, tangled grave. The fact that you couldn’t see beyond the surface of the water only added to the mystery. Crocodiles, after all, have been known to feed here. The voice of the forest, Lady Mangrove. Aside from giving us a splendid, well-informed tour, she also sang us an OPM tune of her own composition that expressed her sincere love for this magical ecosystem. For a cheap Php150, this Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour is a totally worthwhile experience. If not for these humble mangroves important role in coastal ecosystem, Palawan's world acclaimed beaches wouldn't be what it is now, a world-class beauty. Palawan contains 43% of the total mangrove forests of the Philippines and Puerto Princesa is a city in the country where the total area of mangrove forests do not decline, but are increasing. The minute I got off that boat, I made a mental note to endorse this tour in my own little way.

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