Planet Kapow 35 : Cartagena to Taganga

Published on Monday, January 9th, 2012 Uploaded by: swardgn

WE FIND: ourselves in Turbo with Sebastian and Pixie, negotiating with a couple of touts in front of a bus armoured with bull bars and heavy-duty off-road tyres; it is a rough road ahead. The day is hot and our packs are heavy and the touts are shouting; cars are buzzing past, honking their horns and kicking up plumes of choking dust. Eventually we agree to the price, but Pixie is not happy - "I have one rule over here," she says to Sebastian, "and that is never to buy anything when I'm being pressured," but she gets in nonetheless. The seats are coated in dust. As we pull around the corner a large, sad-faced drunken man jumps into the stairwell clutching a half-empty bottle of aguardiente, and has to be physically wrestled from the bus by the conductor. Outside, a horse attached to a cart has its head deep inside a wooden bucket. read more:

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