Planet Kapow 29 : Utila to the Bottom of the Sea

Published on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 Uploaded by: rgilbert1y

PEOPLE HAD: been spouting excited stories about Utila as far back as Zacatecas, Mexico, and we had come to imagine a lethargic island of sandy streets and wild, all-night parties. But first impressions aren't great; from the moment we set foot ashore we are pushed to the side of the concrete roads by motorbikes, ATVs, golf carts and tuk-tuks roaring past at ridiculous speeds by shirtless American boys with bleached hair. We wander aimlessly with our backpacks sticking to our backs in the heat. A portly American bellows at us from his front verandah to offer us a room. "Everywhere better than mine is full up!" he yells, "There are cheaper places, but they're shit! Just dirty, rotten shit!" We continue walking. "Hey you!" he shouts to his elderly neighbour, "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you! They want a room!" read more:

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