Planet Kapow 27 : Antigua to San Salvador

Published on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 Uploaded by: dlopez8e

IN ANOTHER: little town on Lake Atitlan named Santiago de Atitlan, we find our way up a gravelly path to the shrine of Maximon, the infamous Wicked Saint, patron of drinkers, smokers, gamblers and prostitutes. Each year at Easter in towns across Guatemala, Maximon does battle with Jesus in the main square; each year Jesus wins, and Maximon must find a new home in the town. Naturally, the Catholic church does not endorse Maximon as a saint - but that hardly affects his popularity. Before the huddled figure of the Wicked Saint are scattered a dozen candles and two towers of whiskey bottles. A burning cigarette hangs from his mouth. To the left of him stands a saint with a skull for a head; to the right are a motley collection of smaller saints, Jesus among them. Read more:

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