The Abandoned Fish Mall in Bangkok

Published on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 Uploaded by: asanchezkd

Do you love urban exploring? Ruin porn? Wanna explore Bangkok's legendary Abandoned Fish Mall? Us too! There is something so exciting about visiting places that have long been forgotten. So when we heard about Bangkok's New World Mall, we knew we had to check it out. What makes New World Mall so special? It's basement is home to thousands of exotic fish found nowhere else in Bangkok! Here's the rundown on it's history and bizarre situation: In the 1980s, a property development company built "New World Mall" as an eleven story shopping mecca. Because it was built in an area with strict building codes, the mall was actually seven stories too high from the original blueprint! To remain in compliance, the mall's fifth to eleventh floors were eventually dismantled but construction stopped and The New World remained roofless. Despite not having a roof, it officially shutdown in 1997 and caught fire in 1999 and sadly, someone died in 2004 by falling debris. The rains for the annual rainy season poured down on the roofless mall and created a stagnant pool in the basement. This made for an optimal mosquito breeding ground so to rid themselves of this pest, the locals dropped in Carp, Koi and other exotic fish into the "pond" to eat the mosquitos. It worked. Too well. With no predators, the fish began to breed at an alarming rate and what started out as a well intentioned pest control method, developed into thousands of exotic fish swimming in an abandoned shopping malls basement. Crazy right? July 1st Update: We shot this movie just days prior to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) decision to seal off this area completely and investigate it further. So with that, this is probably some of the LAST video footage of this wonderfully bizarre place.

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