About And Around Cartagena

Published on Saturday, August 9th, 2014 Uploaded by: ewarrenkn

About and Around Cartagena Stu and I had been curious about Cartagena Colombia for some time, and we finally booked our trip this past April 2010. Forget what you?ve heard about drugs and kidnappings, Cartagena is a beautiful, safe and peaceful city with much to see. Cartagena is also UNESCO World Heritage site. Narrow cobble-stone streets lead the way to beautiful churches, old pastel colored buildings and a very entertaining main square where you can people watch while having a cold beer. Word to the wise, wear comfortable shoes, Cartagena is best explored on foot. We think this old man was trying to tell me the history of this building, but my Spanish was poor, so I just nodded and smiled. We visited the Palace of the Inquisition where the Spanish Inquisition tortured, judged and convicted men for crimes against religion. This is the Cathedral of Santo Domingo which had a very unusual floor. This cathedral had many interesting old sculptures. The Naval Museum gave us some insight on the military history of Cartagena. If you get thirsty sightseeing under the hot Cartagena sun, you don?t have to look far for refreshment. Another of our refreshments of choice ? BEER! Good old cerveza! You won?t starve in Cartagena with the freshest seafood you have ever tasted! The beaches are clean, but unless you like to be bothered every 10 minutes by someone wanting to braid your hair or give you a massage, they are best avoided. When you?ve had your fill of the Old Town, you can take book a side trip to the Totumo Mud Volcano or get a seat on a Chiva party bus. These can be booked through your hotel, and they are so much fun. Avoid AT ALL COSTS the trip to The Pirate Islands, it is a huge scam and there are other beautiful beaches to see close to Cartagena. You can find out more about these trips and more by watching our videos on You Tube or Tripfilms. HAPPY TRAVELS!

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