Becoming Adventure: South Korea Travel Tips

Published on Saturday, November 16th, 2013 Uploaded by: rlewisad

South Korea is a great place to travel to! It may not be the first place on your list to go, but you will not regret a trip there. It offers a pretty unique and rewarding experience. It is best to get out and explore Korea. If you are just starting to travel and are looking somewhere you can explore and travel with no plan Korea is a good place to start! It is super safe and the people are really friendly. Also the food is great, I have never had any stomach problems. There are so many great cultural sites to check out. Here are some helpful sites for travel in Korea: Korean Tourism site: More Korea info: Transportation: Trains: Buses: Accommodations: Hostels: Enjoy your travels in Korea! BTW I did not really go everywhere in Korea, but I only had one take of that bad! The video features creative commons music by Chill Carrier - "Time to go" featured on

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