Backpacking Vietnam Part 7: Peaks and Caves in Da Nang

Published on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 Uploaded by: lgarzakh

Backpacking Vietnam Part 7: Peaks and Caves in Da Nang This was the first day since living on Koh Tao that we rented a motorbike again and I can't put my finger on it, or accurately describe it but being on a motorbike and just going with the wind is the best feeling in the world. If you own a motorized scooter, hog, or anything else that can get past 20 mph then you get it. Since we had a bike, we needed a destination so we hit up Marble Mountain in Da Nang, about a 40 minute drive down the road. We saw signs for Marble mountain and all the statues when we past by via bus from Hue (part 5) but went in completely cold on what we'd see or so there. Not reading a thing on this place turned out to be the best decision we didn't consciously make ever! Hours and hours of caves, view points, and stone carvings - it was like a long forgotten temple and we were the first to re-discover it. We really channeled our inner Laura Croft and Indian Jones here. Vietnam continues to surprise us, each day a new adventure as long as we're together and just go where the wind is blowing. M0tOrByke 4 Lyfe FOLLOW THE BEARD! Instagram - Blog/Website - FaceBook - MUSIC ''Visible' by MitiS Soundcloud - 'Upliftn'' by Sound Root Soundcloud - Shot on GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Script: Just 20KM south of Hio An, lies Marble Mountain, one of five mountains that tower above Non Nuoc Hamlet; a quaint little place thatâ??s jam-packed with marble statue carvings of all shapes and sizes. We were dwarfed by the statues and stood in awe at their craftsmanship! After a chat with the friendly locals we headed to the stairway of 156 steps that lead up to the summit. Steps sequence Shamefully, we read absolutely nothing about marble mountain before we ARRIVED; other than knowing it was a mountainâ?¦ and IT WAS made of marble. Once we reached the top we saw a beautiful panoramic view of the China Sea, as well as a temple and we figured that would be it; time to head back downâ?¦ but then we found a pathâ?¦. Big Cave sequence At the center of the mountain and slightly hidden from view is a passage leading to Huyen Khong Cave. Two mandarin statues guard the entrance to this massive cavern, which was once used as a filed hospital and hiding place by the viet kong during wartime; (given itâ??s close proximity to Da Nang proper, the viet cong were quit literally hiding in plane sight, as the city was major base of operations for the South Vietnamese and US forces during the war) Noah, I must tell you that your beard shines with the light of 1000 moons and Your wife Lynn is the most beautiful thing to step upon this mountain Most importantly, every one should subscribe to your YouTube channel and share your adventures. This will bring you lucky. Thank you for watching.

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